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Wagz has a groomer!!
De-sheds ( helps with the tumbleweeds in the house)
De-Matting Care
Shampoo & Condition Bath
Hot & Cold Water |Professional Drying Equipment
All your grooming needs.

Deodorizing Baths (Skunk Odor Removal)

Anal Gland

Nail trims and dremel ( Helps with the sharp nails)

The specialized Hydro-Surge Massage Bathes we provide serve as a luxury cleansing for your fur baby. This process involves a complete shampoo and condition accompanied by a body rubdown. In addition to providing thorough coat purification, the hydro-surge massage bath is also a real treat for your pet! We use only all-natural bio-degradable products to ensure your dog’s comfort and safety. If necessary, careful blow drying of the dog’s coat is carried out after a haircut or trim. This leaves your animal feeling fresh and rejuvenated.
We are committed to creating a soothing atmosphere for your pet’s hygienic experience. The grooming session can range from forty-five minutes to two hours depending on your dog’s needs and your specifications. Call us today to discuss what is best for your baby and see the difference a spa day can make!