When kids board at Wagz,we do allow them to play and get dirty. They play with other kids after the evaluation so we know which group they will do better with.

Dog Boarding (No Cage)

Kids are out socializing all day and are only in a room to sleep or eat. Doors to empy rooms are left open for kids that just need a break.


1 Kid $49

2 kids same family same room $79.00

Wagz pricing is not A la carte,at wagz we believe administering meds is part of taking care of your kids, we also believe all kids should be sociallized

All kids go to daycare,Wagz will administer meds as needed based on Owners instructions.Please make sure they are marked.


Each room has a Kuranda bed and plenty of room for their bed.

Sizes: 6' X 7" / 6' X 6' / 6' x 5'

Wagz has some of the biggest rooms in the area and your fur kid is only in it to eat or to sleep.