Where Pets Make Themselves At Home!

Wagz Boutiques

Monday|Friday: 7:30AM - 5:00PM

Saturday|Sunday: 8:00AM - 4:00PM

Drop Off & Pick Up During Business Hours only.

NO after hour drop offs.

Full Service Grooming: $45.00 – Shampoo | Massaging Bath | Nail Trim | Haircut | Shave Down

Shampoo Package: $20.00 – Shampoo | Brushing | Conditioning | Ear Cleaning

Cat Grooming

Dog Grooming

Feed & water Daily. TONS of interaction! Please bring your cage and food.

Boarding: $18.00

Nails | Beak | Wing Trim: $65.00

Larger Birds will be assessed on site and price discussed after consultation.

Rest assured your bird(s) will be handled with proper care.

IT is YOUR Responsibility to be certain your fur baby has ALL shots and all other required to board. The following is what we require:  Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, Negative Fecal within the CURRENT year, Flu(H3-N8). Flea Preventive (Purchased FROM a Licensed VET. NO Wal-Mart shelf product).

Overnight Boarding (Single): $30.00 – Private Suite (1) Dog

Overnight Boarding (Double): $54.00 – Suite shared between (2) dogs

Overnight Boarding (Triple): $70.00 – Suite shared by (3) dogs

Overnight Boarding (4 Dogs): $80.00 - Large Suite Shared by (4) dogs

Daycare / Camp Day: $25.00 – Play outside with all Boarders. Great for Socialization


Cat Condo: $18.00 – (1)-Cat

Cat Condo: $34.00 – (2)-Cats Share Condo.

Cat Condo: $48.00 - (3)-Cats Share Condo

Bathing Schedule: Monday-Sunday: You are welcome to just drop in and speak with us about a bath or groom, but we recommend setting an appointment. We offer appointments every hour with pick-ups within the following hour.

Full Service Grooming: $38.00-$100.00

Shampoo | Massaging Bath | Nails | Teeth | Haircut | Shave Down | Expression of Anal Glands.

Bath: $16.00-$45.00 – Shampoo | Massaging Bath

Nail Trims: $17.00

 Hours of Operation

Bird Care

Requirements to Stay


Boarding & Daycare